Rules & Regulations

Admission to Lake

  1. Use of the swimming facilities, including the lake, beach, diving boards, rafts and other facilities associated with the lake’s activities, shall be limited to members of the lake and their guests during the lake’s entire operating season.
  2. Valid season passes shall be swiped by all members as they enter the lake. Passes will be randomly checked throughout the day. All guests shall purchase a guest pass. Sharing of season passes is prohibited and may result in loss of all privileges. Guests must be accompanied by a member.
  3. Immediately report a lost pass to the Lake Director.
  4. Membership in the lake is open to all Allendale residents and residents of the Northern Highlands sending districts. (Upper Saddle River, Ho-Ho-Kus and Saddle River).
  5. Non-residents outside of the sending districts may join the lake with the sponsorship of an Allendale Crestwood Lake Member Registration is online through the Capturepoint system or at Borough Hall..
  6. Children under 13 years of age will not be admitted unless accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older. A child 13 or older will be admitted without an escort, if he/she can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Lake Director an ability to swim.
  7. Children age 2 and under are free.

Lake Director

  1. The Lake Director assistants and staff of lifeguards will be in complete charge of the club premises during the time when the club is in operation. Their instructions must be followed.
  2. In an emergency, the nearest lifeguard must be notified as quickly as possible and those who are notifying the guard shall remain with the guard to assist the guard in his/her efforts.
  3. Lifeguard stations are off-limits to all but authorized person. Lifeguards must not be disturbed, conversed with, or otherwise distracted while on duty.
  4. Attendants at the club gate have the authority to grant or deny admission to any person, to collect monies properly chargeable, and to perform other duties as may be assigned to them by the Lake Director or Assistants. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the gate office..
  5. The Lake Director or designee shall have the authority to close the club or order cessation of any or all of its activities whenever the safety or health of its members is endangered.
  6. All persons are subject to the rules regarding the Lightning Detection Warning System. Anyone who does not follow those rules will be asked to leave the lake and may have their membership privileges suspended or revoked.

Penalties for Violations

  1. Violations of lake rules, including those applying to Crestwood Park, may render the violator subject to revocation of membership.
  2. Reinstatement of membership can be made only after appearance of the violator. In the event that the violator is under age 18, he or she must appear together with a parent or guardian at a hearing before the Lake Director. The parent or guardian must contact the Lake Director for such a hearing.
  3. The Borough reserves the right to revoke or deny any membership at their discretion for any misconduct, inappropriate communication or for any reason they feel will do harm to the lake, the lake’s reputation or its members.

Responsibility of the Borough

  1. The Borough will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  2. All persons using the lake facilities and occupying the club premises do so at their own risk. The Borough will not be responsible for any accident or injury arising from such use or occupancy, nor for any consequential damages arising as a result.

Swimming and Diving

  1. Swimming and diving shall be performed in designated areas only.
  2. Prohibited diving activity includes running dives from any dock or dam surface, excessive bouncing on diving boards, diving from the sides of the diving boards, diving before the area below is clear of swimmers, occupancy on any diving board of more than one person at a time and any other activity banned by the Lake Director.
  3. Swimming accessories, such as tubes, rafts, face-masks and snorkels are not permitted outside the roped-off, shallow-water area.
  4. Objects such as beach chairs, umbrellas and sun shades that could obstruct a lifeguard’s view of the water, shall not be placed any closer than 15 ft. from the water’s edge, behind the line of the lifeguard chairs.
  5. Appropriate bathing attire is required.
  6. Water games of any sort are permitted only at the discretion of the Lake Director.

Land Activities/Picnic Areas

  1. Games of any sort, including ball-playing, on the club premises are permitted at the discretion of the Lake Director.
  2. Picnic tables, benches, and other club or park appurtenances are not to be relocated unless permitted by the Lake Director.
  3. Large parties may rent picnic and beach areas at current rates set by the Borough.
  4. No vehicles are allowed to drive on the beach.

Housekeeping and Sanitation

  1. Foreign objects, litter, and human wastes shall not be permitted to contaminate the lake.
  2. Litter and all other solid refuse shall be deposited in trash bins.
  3. Animals are not permitted on the premises of the club.
  4. The lake and park are SMOKE FREE environments. Smoking is not permitted inside the fenced area, including the beach, playground, and picnic areas.
  5. Pursuant to N.J. Sanitary Code Chapter IX; NJAC 8:26-1 et seq. there will be NO changing of diapers and/or clothing on picnic tables or beach;
    1. NO washing of soiled clothing in bathing area
    2. NO urinating on beach or in any public area.
    3. Clothing and diapers must be changed in restrooms only.

Food and Beverage Consumption

  1. Glass containers or glass objects of any sort are prohibited from all areas within the club or the park, or its waterways. (Ordinance No. 510).
  2. Persons judged by the Lake Director to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug shall be subject to restriction from entering the club premises, to dismissal from club premises, and/or to revocation of membership.


  1. Bicycles must be parked in racks provided, if possible, and should be securely locked. Mopeds must be confined to the roadways and parked outside the lake area. Bicycles must not block access to and from the club.

General Rules of Conduct

  1. Any person occupying any park shall demonstrate, when requested by a law officer or by the Lake Director, positive evidence of his identity and address.
  2. Campfires or other types of fire are permitted only by permit from the Borough Council , the N.J. State Fire Marshall, except that cooking stoves, grills, hibachis, etc., may be used, subject to approval of the Lake Director.
  3. Powered model craft are not to be operated within club premises, including boats, rockets, aircraft, or vehicles of any type.
  4. Discharging of firearms is prohibited; their possession shall be subject to existing laws.
  5. Unless previously approved by the Lake Director for the 4th of July celebration, possession of, or the discharging of explosives of any kind is prohibited. This shall include “firecrackers”, “skyrockets”, and other types of pyrotechnic devices.
  6. Use of any pointed or tipped projectile, whether powered or not, is prohibited, including lawn darts, spears, javelins, bow-and-arrows, crossbows, blow-guns, B-B guns, sling shots and any type of pellet-shooting device.
  7. Loud music and other loud sounds are not permitted at any time.
  8. Disorderly conduct is prohibited, including roughness, rowdiness, malicious mischief, property damage, indecent acts, lewd speech, indecent dress, or any other acts or conditions that could annoy or jeopardize the safety and comfort of others.
  9. Gambling of any type is prohibited.
  10. Selling or offering to sell any goods or services is prohibited unless approval has been obtained from the Borough Council.
  11. The Borough Council reserves the right to amend these rules as they see fit at any time.

Authority of the Lake Director

  1. The Lake Director, or in his absence, his Assistant, is authorized to make decisions on all matters that may come before him, whether or not they are specifically covered by the Rules of Operation or the Rules of Conduct listed herein and in other places. He has the right to defer any decision to the Borough Council Committee in charge of Crestwood Lake.