Reservation Information

General Information:

The primary use of Allendale’s athletic fields and recreational facilities is for the enjoyment and benefit of Allendale residents. Although intended for public athletic and recreational activities, unless closed or otherwise posted for non-use, these fields and facilities will be available for non-reserved, non-scheduled use only at certain periods and times. At other periods and times, use will be reserved and allowed only by written permission from the Borough and, for some, only after the payment of a fee. Reserved use will always have priority over non-reserved use.

Use of Allendale’s athletic fields, in particular, is increasingly in high demand, so field availability is often limited. In addition, the Borough must maintain the fields in safe and playable condition, which requires shutting down each field periodically for full repair and recovery.

Permission to use Allendale’s fields and facilities will be granted according to certain priorities and following certain procedures, as described in the rules and regulation packet, linked below. Some of the factors that will be considered in determining permission for use, as well as the type of use, are: size of the group; whether the requestor is a sanctioned Allendale sports organization or other formal group of Allendale residents; what the use will be for; availability of the field or facility at the desired date and time; proof of appropriate liability insurance; any prior history of field/facility damage, revocation of a permit, suspension or other problem; and, whether the sport/activity is “in-season” or not.

This policy primarily covers outdoor facilities in Allendale. Other programs run in and/or through Allendale’s schools, such as basketball and volleyball, are overseen and administered by the schools’ administrative offices. The Borough encourages the schools to give priority to Allendale children’s sports and recreational programs, with Allendale Recreation Commission activities receiving top priority after sanctioned school programs.


Regulations & Permits:


Below is a chart that describes the locations of each of the parks and fields in Allendale.

Park / FieldLocation
Orchard ParkOn the corner of Franklin Turnpike and West Orchard Street.
Memorial ParkOn the corner of Brookside Avenue and Park Avenue.
Recreation ParkField 1, Field 2, Field 3, Grand Stand Field, Concession Stand
Crestwood ParkField 4 (Kunish Field), Maple Avenue Field, Multipurpose Field, Junior Football Field, Tennis Courts, Red Barn, Field 5, Field 6
Crestwood LakeWest Crescent Avenue. Learn more here.
Celery FarmFranklin Turnpike. Learn more here.

Field Map