Paper, Cardboard, & Newspaper

Recycling Pickup:

Allendale is going dual stream! Starting January 1, 2015 Allendale is improving its curbside recycling program by introducing a simple, efficient way to recycle cardboard and mixed paper. On your recycling Thursday, place your cardboard, junk mail, and newspaper in one container at your curb after 6pm the night before.

Newspapers and inserts will be collected on your normally scheduled recycling day. Please see below for pickup information.

Recycling Center:

The Department of Public Works encourages residents to bring any of these items to Allendale’s Recycling Center. At the Recycling Center, labeled bins make recycling quick and easy. Materials should be left loose, and put in the proper, provided container.

Recycling Center:

  • Address: 300 West Crescent Avenue, Allendale, NJ 07401
  • Hours of Operation: April 10, 2021 – December 12, 2021; Saturday 9am-3pm and Sunday 9am-1pm

Items Accepted:

  • Newspaper and inserts.
  • Cardboard boxes/press board.
  • Cereal, pasta, tissue boxes, toilet paper roll, paper towel roll.
  • Junk mail, envelopes, office paper, construction paper.
  • Brown Paper Bags.
  • Magazines, catalogs, phone books, soft covered books.
  • Shredded paper.
  • Empty and unsoiled pizza boxes.
  • Non-metallic wrapping paper and greeting cards.

Items NOT Accepted:

  • Paper soiled with grease, paint, etc.
  • Wax-coated paper.
  • Hard covered books (if the covers are removed, then acceptable to recycle).