2021 Updates

October/November/December 2021 

  • Contractor was chosen by Hampshire. Discussing going cost plus option. Borough not as comfortable with this but could provide significant savings
  • Excess funds will have to be approved by council
  • Discussing all of our options with council- not a good time to build.
  • Discussed community feedback approaches
  • Grant funding for environmental finally getting paid out by Q1 2022

July/August/September 2021

  • County approves 220 WC with conditions
  • Working on documents: Resi financial agreement, Resi redevelopment agreement, conveyance agreement
  • Hampshire working on improvements to 230 WC (paint, roof, asphalt)
  • Numbers coming in high, discussing Guaranteed maximum price (GMP) vs Cost plus. Due to Covid, the percentage of GMP is much higher due to volatile market and supply chain issues

April/May/June 2021

  • Warehouse Financial Agreement (FA) aka PILOT was passed by Council
  • Environmental is finishing up
  • Working on water easement documents. Amended PSA, Warehouse Redevelopment Agreement (RDA),
  • Had All Hands meeting with all parties
  • Closing on 230 WC (back building) in MAY, PILOT kicks in immediately, which is big benefit to Borough
  • 220 WC (front building) is going through county approvals
  • Hampshire putting together bid packets for 220 WC

January/February/March 2021

  • We were awarded a grant from NJDEP to assist with the investigation of the remediation.
  • The architects and engineers are finalizing plans and obtaining quotes for the best pricing.
  • Site plan and subdivision approvals are at the county.
  • We are finalizing metes and bound legal descriptions and easements.
  • The PILOT for warehouse has been approved by the council.
  • The plan is to close on the back property (warehouse) by spring/ summer.

January 2021

We are happy to announce that The Land Use Board (LUB) unanimously passed the 220/230 West Crescent project on 12/16/20 after four meetings.

As background, the Borough knew this was an especially important piece of property to own and it was already included in our master plan when we started the acquisition process 4 years ago. We purchased it with the following goals and intentions:

  • Control the growth and maintain the character of Allendale.
  • Comply with court ordered affordable housing mandate.
  • Provide much needed efficient Borough Hall space.
  • Provide for much needed community space- a place for our seniors and the community at large. Currently the existing Borough Hall is the only space available to residents.
  • Allow for our library to take over existing Borough Hall offices to have more space to add better value and become more functional for residents.
  • Reduce excessive trucks in that area.

We are still on track to achieve all these goals. We did make an adjustment and decided to keep the Borough Council, LUB and Court Chambers at the 500 West Crescent building (upstairs). This space is used only 5 times per month for these meetings. To rebuild a new chamber requires state mandated requirements which are extremely expensive and are not feasible and prudent for the limited use of this space.

We are excited for this project for Allendale and happy it is now finally coming to reality. We plan on being as transparent as possible during the next phases as we progress. There will be regular updates in the monthly newsletter and on the 220/230 tab on the Borough website. Additionally, you can email directly for any other information.