Sports & Recreation

The Allendale Recreation Commission is a self-sustaining, non-profit organization that was established to sponsor youth recreation programs for children who reside in Allendale.  The organization’s goals are to encourage the interest, knowledge, and participation of sports, with an emphasis on fun. It is staffed entirely by volunteers and offers baseball, softball, kickball, soccer and basketball programs. General meetings are held quarterly; parents are encouraged to attend.  Additionally, the A.R.C. is an affiliate chapter of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association. Some of the programs offered by the ARC include kickball, t-ball, baseball, softball, basketball, track, and volleyball. These sports are separated by age, serving children who are in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, and offered throughout the school year. So students can participate in multiple sports in one season, the schedules do not overlap. Lastly, the ARC sponsors a 5K for children and adults every fall.

For further info, contact the commissioners for each sport: